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The bank of tomorrow is you.

Transact in Bitcoin and USD.

Earn rewards and returns.

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How to Get Started


Download the app


Activate your prepaid rewards card


Add USD or Bitcoin


Pay at your local shops


Collect rewards

Bitcoin 101

You don’t need to be Bitcoin-savvy to enjoy all the benefits of our platform. With our app, you can easily transact in USD or Bitcoin and receive dividends on your unused balance without the risks and hassles of a typical Bitcoin investment, and this is only the beginning!

When you have money to spare, you can put it to work for you. You may buy stocks or bonds and earn dividends on those investments over time. When you load your ArrowLabs card, the funds don’t just sit there. They go to work.

Your unused card balance can help other transactions on the network complete, while you earn a percentage of the transaction fee paid to complete them. This is what banks do with your savings account, and they pay you a part of what they earn in fees as interest for helping complete transactions. But with ArrowLabs, your funds skip the middlemen to become the bank of you.


Collect a bonus every time you load your card

Earn returns on your unused card balance

Earn coupons and store them in the app

Track all the best deals in your neighborhood

Shop with small businesses to support the local economy


More groundbreaking features are in the works!

Our Tech

Consensus Settlement Validation Protocol (CSVP): The first open source decentralized solution that brings a familiar interface of smart chip Java Cards and POS terminals to the Lightning Network.


A Protocol for Simple and Secure Payments

Enables individuals and service providers to create a familiar experience for merchants and consumers with digital wallets and payment terminals.

Supports the use of regular smartchip javacards to pay with a merchant-accepted cryptocurrency.

Comprehensive protocol on top of the Lightning Network with a highly secure and encrypted UI and a suite of reference implementations.

Drop us a line for general inquiries or investment opportunities.